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Emergency Automatic Door Repairs

Automatic Door

Emergency Repair Service

Automatic Door Emergency Repairs across Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London

Got an automatic door related emergency? Give our expert team a call now.

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  • All works carried out to BS:EN16005 for automatic doors
  • Fast repair service
  • Any type or make of automatic door
  • Quick response call out
  • Professional and friendly service
  • ADSA certified engineers
  • We ensure your property is secure when we're done
Reactive Doors - Automatic Door Expertise

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Automatic Doors

Project management is the key to a successful implementation, our engineers will visit you at your site, complete a full in depth survey and discuss with you any other requirements you may have.

We will advise you on the best type of automatic door system for your premises; this will be the solution that best suits you and your customer’s needs.

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Record Diamond Partner
Record Approved Installer
ADSA Certified Engineers
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Automatic Door Experts

Design and Installation of Automatic Doors for Retail Units

Reactive Doors Ltd offer you a complete design and installation service for all your automatic door requirements.

Given our experience with so many different types of door systems, we will always get it right. Once we have a design that not only meets your needs, but is also compliant with your legal responsibility, we will return you a quote we are confident you will be happy with.

We're based in Milton Keynes, and offer automatic doors across Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area.

Automatic Door Specialists
Automatic Door Specialists
Automatic Door Specialists

Why Reactive Doors?

  • 30 Years Combined Experience
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Member of the ADSA
  • Free Site Survey
  • Fully Trained Engineers
Emergency Repairs

Repair Service

We offer a fast response emergency repair service.

One of our ADSA certified engineers will be dispatched quickly to ensure your automatic door is back in action in no time at all.

We can offer a large selection of entrance solutions, incorporating many different types of access control from push pads to biometric readers, all of which are installed to BS EN 16005, BS7036:1996 and the latest DDA regulations.

Safety is paramount when choosing automatic doors, all doors come with sensors that detect the presence of obstructions and slow or stop the doors from trapping. Throughout this process we will be on hand to answer your questions.

You will only ever talk to experienced, qualified engineers when you call us. Your job will be managed by a dedicated project manager from start to finish.

Some of our customers

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors, also known as auto doors, motorized doors, powered doors and electric doors are closed entrances that open automatically without a person having to manually push or pull on the door. This automated motion is usually triggered by a motion sensor or push pad.

How does an automatic door work?

The majority of automatic door systems use sensors to detect motion in front of both sides of the door, which then trigger electric motors to open and close the doors. Both microwave motion and infrared heat sensors can be used to detect that a person wants to use the door. Often a combination of sensors is used to prevent the oversight of one.

Less commonly, pressure-sensitive mats are used to detect when someone is standing on them. The advantage of this type of system is the door knows when someone is still standing on the mat and stays open.

Once the sensors detect the presence of an individual, the next step is to automatically open the door for them. The exact process of this depends on the type of automatic door.

What are automatic sliding doors?

Sliding automatic doors have rollers at the bottom of each door panel that allows them to smoothly slide sideways to open and close. These types of automatic doors are most commonly seen in supermarkets, where they are perfect for areas of high footfall as they can allow multiple people through in and out simultaneously.

The motion of a sliding door is powered by an eletric motor; geared down to achieve a smooth, slow speed and higher torque. This motor drives a pulley at one end of a belt that the door panel is clamped to. When motion is detected a signal is sent for the motor to run, turning the pulley, the belt and dragging the door smoothly along the rollers.

The same is then completed in reverse after an interval to close the door again.

What are automatic swing doors?

Swinging automatic doors, or swing-door operators are similar to traditional hinged doors, in fact, the majority of standard doors can be retrofitted to open automatically.

Like their sliding siblings, powered swing doors are operated by an electric motor. The majority of these type of doors open the door directly using a pivot or by utilising a connected arm.

Swinging doors are more dangerous than sliding ones as they can swing outwards and hit pedestrians and so safety sensors are usually required to stop the motion of the door if an obstruction is detected.

How long should automatic doors stay open?

The exact timing of an automatic door is extremely important to ensure seamless and smooth operation when it is being used. The perfect timing will ensure an automatic door opens as a person approaches it, and closes immediately behind them once they have safely cleared the opening. If an automatic door is fitted and timed correctly users should barely notice that it is there.

After an automatic door has opened the delay time before it closes again varies depending on the type of operator, size of the doors and specific requirements of the premises. For this reason, we are able to configure the delay time before closing to perfectly suit a specific buildings needs. Typically a "low energy" style automatic door operator will remain open for around 5 seconds.

Doors that close too quickly will make it difficult for users with disabilities to use the entrance safely and doors that close too slowly will let out unnecessary heat.

Are power assisted doors required in the UK?

Around one person in twenty has some form of physical disability that makes traditional mobility difficult for them.
Since the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 the government has been urging that wheelchair users and people with other physical disabilities can access public buildings with as little obstruction as possible. In 1999 all businesses were told that it is compulsory to make the necessary changes to their buildings to ensure wheelchair and walking stick users can access them without difficulty. A business could incur fines and legal action if it is found to have failed to make these changes.

Besides stairs, difficult to open doorways are likely the biggest obstacle preventing access to a building for its disabled users. As well as having a minimum clear opening width of 800mm to fit a wheelchair, it is important that a door can be easily opened without significant physical exertion. Revolving and heavy doors, in particular, should be avoided. For this reason, automatic sliding doors are the most desirable option for disabled access.

Who are Reactive Doors?

Reactive Doors offers a complete installation service for automatic door systems including technical sales advice, design support, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Our aim is to install your new motorized door system as quickly as we can to minimise disruption to your business, for standard-sized projects this is usually within 2 days.

The majority of our powered door systems are from industry-leading manufacturer Record. The precision engineering, innovation and quality of materials ensure years of smooth, silent operation for all of our products. All of our automatic door equipment meets the rigorous governing safety requirements BS EN 16005 and BS7036:1996, so you can be assured of the safety and stability of your electric powered door system when fitted by us.

Based in Milton Keynes, we're able to easily service the automatic door requirements of the whole of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
We pride ourselves on offering an extremely high level of customer service - from initial survey, through to installation and ongoing maintenance of your automatic doors.

Automatic Door Installation

As an ADSA certified installer with over 30 years of combined experience, we have the unique background to provide flawless installation of all types of automatic door systems.

Whether you're looking for internal or external automatic doors, sliding or swinging motion and activation with sensors, buttons or pressure sensors hidden under rubber mats - we can provide comprehensive installation, maintenance and repair services.

Automatic Door Openers

At Reactive Doors, we've fitted thousands of automatic door opener systems.
We can supply and install stunning brand new glass doors or retrofit an existing entrance with an automatic opening system.

Automatic opening systems are more convenient, safer and critical for allowing access to people with disabilities.

Approved Record Automatic Doors

We work closely with Record UK and are an improved automatic door installer for them in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Record UK are one of the UK's largest leading manufacturers of automatic door systems with a 30,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility based south of Glasgow.
We choose Record as our trusted supplier of automatic doors due to their high quality and reliability.

Bespoke Automatic Door Design

Reactive Doors are one of the few installers in the UK with the genuine skills and experience to produce and execute specialist custom automated entrance solutions.

After an initial client consultation, we're able to work with specialist designers or architects to the manufacturer and installation of incredible bespoke door systems, designed to function smoothly in the most challenging environments incorporating state of the art technology to provide smooth motion, security and power economy.

Specialists in Automatic Doors

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