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Emergency Automatic Door Repairs

Automatic Door

Emergency Repair Service

Automatic Door Emergency Repairs across Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London

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  • All works carried out to BS:EN16005 for automatic doors
  • Fast repair service
  • Any type or make of automatic door
  • Quick response call out
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  • ADSA certified engineers
  • We ensure your property is secure when we're done
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Automatic Doors for Hospitals

Automatic doors and access control systems for hospitals

One of the most important areas for an automatic door is within a hospital. Many types of patients and staff pass through these door systems hundreds of times a day. It is imperative they are safe and reliable.

We are contracted to local hospitals and health authorities. The sites we install and maintain at include main hospitals and local clinics

After initial contact is made we send out one of our fully qualified and knowledgeable engineers to gather the information required to allow us to design and install bespoke automatic doors fit for your specific requirements.

Where required we are able to also fit access control systems to allow you to restrict access to certain areas in your hospital.

For further information contact us and speak to one of our expert automatic door team today.

Automatic Doors for Disabled Access
Automatic Door Specialists
Automatic Doors for Hospitals

Automatic Doors for GP Surgeries

Ease of access is particularly important in a doctors surgery - which generally have a higher number of people with disabilities, parents with pushchairs and the elderly going through their entrances.

In addition to ramps and supportive railings, a safe, reliable automatic door is the best possible solution to help GP surgeries meet their legal obligations in line with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and offer accessibility for all visitors.

In the healthcare sector, an automatic door system is the most hygienic solution for visitors, patients, doctors and carers as there is no contact with a door handle to spread germs.

We have a range of brand new fully automatic doors, some capable of opening wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, hospital beds and stretchers. We can also retrofit an existing door to open automatically, triggered by various styles of sensor.

Our installation team will measure, fit, install sensors and then thoroughly test your brand new automatic door to ensure it operates smoothly and safely and allows easy access, improved visibility and upgraded security for your premises.

Automatic Doors for Adult Care
Automatic Doors for Care Homes
Automatic Door Exit

Automatic Doors for Care Homes

Automatic doors are also widely used in the residential care sector to increase resident mobility and independence whilst simultaneously maintaining a high level of security and reducing the risks associated with caring for the vulnerable.

Automatic doors are an excellent way of providing access to people with limited mobility - something that is frequently a concern within a care facility. Not only are they far more convenient than manual doors but also far safer, as automatic doors can be set to open and close very slowly.

Automatic doors can increase a vulnerable person's independence and allow them to move around the care facility with less assistance. They can also make staff members duties easier when they need to transport beds, chairs or other heavy items around the care facility.

It is also extremely common for people with Dementia or other mental health issues to wander from a care facility. Individuals with impaired cognitive ability are extremely likely to injure themselves when leaving the safety of a care facility.
By automating the external entrances and exits to require fob access or intercom system the risk to residents can be greatly decreased.


Our automatic doors can be insulated and locked when not in use to prevent unauthorised access.


For people with severe mobility disabilities, such as wheelchair users, an automatic door may be essential in order for them to safely enter and exit a building, or possibility within the interior of premises too. Automatic opening doors may be essential in order to meet the legal obligation to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA.)


Automatic doors are extremely convenient and allow faster access to entrances with high footfall, keeping things moving. Not having to push open a door is of benefit to parents with buggies and pushchairs and delivery personnel.

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