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Emergency Automatic Door Repairs

Automatic Door

Emergency Repair Service

Automatic Door Emergency Repairs across Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London

Got an automatic door related emergency? Give our expert team a call now.

Emergency Automatic Door Repair Callout
  • All works carried out to BS:EN16005 for automatic doors
  • Fast repair service
  • Any type or make of automatic door
  • Quick response call out
  • Professional and friendly service
  • ADSA certified engineers
  • We ensure your property is secure when we're done
Reactive Doors - Automatic Door Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are automatic doors?
  2. What are the benefits of automatic doors?
  3. What types of automatic doors are there?
  4. What are automatic doors called?
  5. Are automatic doors safe?

1. What are automatic doors?

An automatic door is a type of entrance featuring a door or multiple doors that using motors powered by electricity, open and close automatically when they sense a person in their vicinity.

2. What are the benefits of automatic doors?

The most common reason for installing an automatic door is to provide quick and convenient access to large numbers of people, for example, the entrance to a supermarket or department store. Auto doors are also a critical component in providing accessibility to people with various disabilities as well as pushchairs, trolleys and delivery pallet trucks.

3. What types of automatic doors are there?

There are two main types of automatic doors: sliding and swing. When you think of an auto door you are probably picturing a sliding version with two glass panels that retract into the walls around the entrance. Swinging automatic doors are more like traditional hinged doors but are usually opened and closed with the assistance of a mounted powered arm at the top of the doors.

Sliding automatic doors are commonly used by supermarkets and other shops as they are space-saving and more seamless to use. Swing doors are great when a traditional door needs to be converted to an automatic opening system or the available space does not allow for sliding doors.

4. What are automatic doors called?

Automatic doors are doorways that open using electrically powered motors upon sensing a person approaching to enter and close once they have safely passed through. They are also known as auto doors, electric doors, powered doors, power assisted doors or sliding doors.

5. Are automatic doors safe?

Not only are automatic doors safe but they are often safer than traditional doors. There are numerous safety regulations in the UK that all automatic doors must adhere to. Auto doors have been around for nearly 90 years now and during this time there have been countless safety innovations.

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