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Emergency Automatic Door Repairs

Automatic Door

Emergency Repair Service

Automatic Door Emergency Repairs across Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London

Got an automatic door related emergency? Give our expert team a call now.

Emergency Automatic Door Repair Callout
  • All works carried out to BS:EN16005 for automatic doors
  • Fast repair service
  • Any type or make of automatic door
  • Quick response call out
  • Professional and friendly service
  • ADSA certified engineers
  • We ensure your property is secure when we're done
Reactive Doors - Automatic Door Expertise

Electric Commercial Doors

Electric Doors

Electric powered automatic doors either move along a fixed screen or wall or swing outwards to open.

An electric door will sit in a closed position until it is triggered by an activation device such as a motion sensor, pressure plate or button.

Commercial Electric Doors

Electric automatic doors are perfect for most commercial environments as they are more convenient, more aesthetically pleasing and allow easy access for customers or staff with mobility disabilities.

Installation of a powered automatic entrance system can usually be completed in a single working day, depending on the size of the project. However, if a project requires multiple days to complete: Reactive Doors will always ensure that your premises are fully secured at the end of each day.

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Glass Electric Sliding Doors

For a spectacular first impression in a shopping, commercial or industrial environment, a full glass electric sliding door is a great option.
Reactive Doors provide sleek, stylish, smooth operating doors which are spectacular and highly functional.

All of our automatic doors are available either as single or bi-parting systems depending on the size of your entranceway. They are available with insulated glass, additional safety features and a range of access control.

Electric Door Conversions

Whilst the majority of our projects involve the installation of a brand new automatic door system - it is also possible for us to convert an existing manual door into a powered electric door.

An electric operator and sensor or button can be installed that automatically swing the door open when required.

It is much more difficult to convert an existing door into a powered sliding door however as these doors are specially designed to fit exactly into an aluminium mount. We can more economically upgrade older sliding doors however and are able to replace an existing non-electric swing door with a powered sliding system in the vast majority of cases.

Electric Door Maintenance

Electric automatic doors are extremely easy to maintain. We only supply doors from established manufacturers with a reputation for safety and quality. There are only a few moving parts in an electric sliding or swing door operator and they are renowned for being reliable.

To keep your new electric door operating perfectly we recommend having your door serviced by one of our engineers every six months. One of our fully qualified door technicians will stop by and inspect all moving parts (carriage wheels, floor guides etc) and test all of the electrical components and motor. Every maintenance visit includes a BSEN16005 safety check to ensure your door is fully compliant.

Electric Door Quote

For a free, tailored and obligation free quotation, simply contact our team by phone or using the online form below.

What information do we need to provide a free quotation?:

  1. A description of the environment in which you would like electric doors fitted?
  2. The type of entrance doors currently fitted.
  3. The style of automatic door and type of activation (motion sensor, pressure pad, button, fingerprint scanner etc) you would like.

Where possible we usually send out one of our team to take measurements and carry out a free audit for you before providing a quotation.

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Automatic Door Engineer

Why choose automatic doors over manually operated doors?

Automatic doors are installed in many retail outlets and offices, and there are some very good reasons these businesses, big and small, choose the automated option over manually operated doors, including:


The convenience of power assisted doors (aka automatic doors or powered doors) can’t be understated. In retail particularly, staff numbers are often low and busy staff can’t always be relied upon to ensure the main door to the shop or showroom is open or closed.

With the installation of an automatic door system, whether electric sliding doors or automatic swing doors, staff are freed up to get on with other duties, and because many power assisted door systems can be controlled remotely, if the doors need to be opened or closed in an emergency or routinely, it’s easily done from another part of the premises.

Reduces the spread of germs and viruses

Powered doors are controlled either by a pressure pad, a pedestrian operated touchless switch or a motion detection sensor. This technology greatly reduces the spread of germs and viruses (including COVID19) by eliminating constant hand contact often associated with a manually operated door.

Energy saving

Heating and air conditioning costs account for a large part of a retail business’s budget. Although these costs are unavoidable, they can be significantly reduced with the installation of an automatic door system.

Modern automatic doors are designed to remain closed whenever no motion is detected. This function helps to keep the temperature on the premises regulated, whether it’s to keep it warm in the winter or cool in the summer.


Automatic doors help improve the accessibility and overall experience of people with impaired mobility. As well as the automatic function, automatic doors are generally wider, allowing access for wheelchairs or other mobility aids, such as walking frames or mobility scooters.

Installing an automatic door system also helps your business stay within the law that requires business owners to ensure disabled people have easy access to all that a service provides.

Why choose Reactive Doors?

We’re a leading provider

As a Record UK Diamond Partner and over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Reactive doors are one of the leading designers, suppliers and installers of electric sliding doors and other automatic door systems.

We have a huge range of styles

We supply automatic door systems in numerous styles and sizes and include a bespoke design service to ensure your automatic door meets your premises specific criteria and is like no other automatic door around.

We provide great coverage

We cover a massive area, including London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, with customers including major airports, hospitals, shops and shopping centres, residential properties and many more.

We provide exceptional aftercare

With every automatic door system we install we provide a comprehensive aftercare service which includes:

Maintenance – We’ll organise a yearly or twice yearly check by one of our fully-qualified, ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association) certified engineers to make sure your automatic door system is in good working order and performing as it should.

Emergency callout – We offer a fast response, emergency callout service to ensure any issues with your automatic door system are resolved in the quickest time possible.

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