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Emergency Automatic Door Repairs

Automatic Door

Emergency Repair Service

Automatic Door Emergency Repairs across Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London

Got an automatic door related emergency? Give our expert team a call now.

Emergency Automatic Door Repair Callout
  • All works carried out to BS:EN16005 for automatic doors
  • Fast repair service
  • Any type or make of automatic door
  • Quick response call out
  • Professional and friendly service
  • ADSA certified engineers
  • We ensure your property is secure when we're done
Reactive Doors - Automatic Door Expertise

Automatic Door Replacement

Whether you want to replace a traditional manually opened door or replace an old automatic system Reactive Doors can provide the service you're looking for.

Upgrade to Automatic Doors

We're able to replace old doors with an automatic door system and modernise your premises. The size and shape of your entrance will determine which type of automatic door we recommend and can fit.

Automatic doors are safer and easier than manually operated doors and there are strict safety regulations that automatic doors have to adhere to generally and during an emergency.
Automatic doors are also far more hygienic than traditional ones as visitors don't need to touch them to gain entry.

These are just some of the huge number of reasons to upgrade to an automatic door, here are even more:

Automatic Door Upgrade
Automatic Glass Doors
Automatic Swing Doors


One of the obvious benefits of upgrading to an automatic door is the convenience and impression it gives to your customers. A good automatic door system is almost unnoticeable to visitors, efficiently opening and welcoming them into your business before silently closing behind them.
Customers with trolleys or shopping bags will struggle to open a standard door and can cause injuries.


Automatic doors are an integral part of a security and safety system. They can be integrated with fire alarms, remote control and access control systems to enhance the control and security of your premises.
Our automatic doors can be fitted with a number of access control solutions including keycards, fobs and fingerprint sensors.


People have different ranges of mobility and automatic doors are a major step in providing easy access to visitors with disabilities or wheelchairs. It is a legal responsibility to offer appropriate access to your premises for people of all abilities.

Automatic doors can make gaining access to your premises easy and convenient for people of all abilities as well as parents with pushchairs and shoppers with trolleys, baskets or bags.


Our automatic doors can be fitted with numerous safety features and even the most standard installation is far safer than a manually operated door where accidents caused by human error can happen. Features include emergency opening in the result of a fire, battery back-ups and sensors that detect obstructions and prevent doors from closing on people.

Energy Efficiency

It may seem strange but automatic door systems can actually save you energy. The power usage to open and close the doors is actually very low and because the doors open and close efficiently and can't be accidentally left open, they reduce the loss of hot or cold air and can reduce the energy spent heating or air conditioning a building.

Automatic Doors for Car Dealership
Automatic Doors in Milton Keynes
Automatic Door Retrofit

Replace Old Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are generally designed to last for years of use, and as they can't be slammed or mishandled they're far less prone to wear and tear. If you have a particularly old set of automatic doors that have seen better days or has parts that are no longer manufactured we can help upgrade you. Maybe your existing automatic doors are still be functioning but you're interested in the technological advancements that have been made in the automatic doors industry since you installed your old ones.

Whatever your reason give our friendly and experienced team a call and we can discuss how to replace your old automatic doors with modern new ones.

Retrofit Automatic Doors

In many cases, it's even possible for us to retrofit an existing manual door to open automatically without replacing the door itself.

Retrofit automatic door installations are a cost-effective way to modernise your existing entrances and provide increased accessibility to differently-abled people. Most retrofitting installations use a swing opening system for doors as sliding doors tend to be a complete system that requires specially designed door panels to function.

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